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Don Burkheimer - Photographer

Photography is an art form that fascinates me as it allows me to capture moments in time that radiate with light,
shape, form and texture.  I enjoy sharing my visions of the world thru my lens and love photographs that tell

a story and evoke an emotional response. I'm an eternal optimist who doesn't take himself or life too seriously
and loves a good laugh.  Humor is very important part of who I am as when you laugh or make someone else
laugh, life is good.  I'm a devoted family man, avid drummer and still trying to figure out what I want to be when
I grow up.

Su Ferguson - Digital Artist

Photoshop opened up a crazy, creative world for me.  Having worked in oils and acrylic but never feeling quite
at home, the digital world allows me to change my creations and concepts as quickly as my little brain can think
of another direction and I found my home.  Scary, but true. 
It's exhilarating - Hello, my name is Su and I'm a photoshop addict. 
Shh! and perhaps just a tad older than this pic shows. :))

Sadie Springer and Cha Cha Crazy Cat
Most fun being outside with mom and dad, not so much fun sitting around watching them play with their camera's
and computers.

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